Before emailing us about any queries, Kindly go through the FAQs. As answer to your question may already exist in this section.

Practice FAQs Patient FAQs

1. I have completed the online booking form.  What happens next?


Once you have completed the online booking, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.  This will include your booking time and details. Don't forget to check your junk mail filters for the confirmation email.


2. How the available slots work?

Booking slots are made available by the dentist. If there is cancellation in the existing booking then the Appointmentor website automatically makes that slot available.

 3. When will my Debit/Credit card details be taken?

Credit/Debit card details will only be used if dentist has set fees against any missed or cancelled appointment.

 4. How can I Cancel/Amend my booking?

You can cancel or amend your booking by clicking ‘view my appointments’.

 5. I have received my activation number, what should I do next?

On receiving your activation number, please follow the steps as directed by your dentist. Or please visit:

 6. Your reservation system is great but there is a feature we would like to add. How can we do?

Sure, we would love to hear from you. Give us an email at Once we get all the details of what you would like to accomplish, we will provide a quote and a timeframe.

 7. Can I register with more than one clinic at a time?

Yes you can register with multiple clinics, provided your clinic allows you to further register with other clinics.

 8. Are there some booking rules for the website?

Yes our website is governed by booking rules. For further information check the terms and condition section.