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Your use of this website at ("this website") is governed by these terms and conditions of use. You may print and keep a copy of these terms and conditions of use. is a product of Welltime Ltd. Welltime Ltd provides global IT solutions to its clients and their customers. The Appointmentor website serves as the interface for online bookings between the organisations and their customers, reduces costs and promotes efficiency.


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Bookings made from within the UK or the Republic of Ireland

I.        Definitions

a.        "Confirmed booking" means an agreement between the Chosen Organisation and the customer for their attendance on a specific course on specified dates where has received the request for booking the time slot  from the customer, and received the customer's payment details of the relevant course fee, if set by the Service Provider.

b.        "Booking Fees" means a specific fees charged by a specific Service Provider or Organisation, for booking of a specific appointment.

c.        "Cancellation Fees" means a specific fees charged by a specific Service Provider or Organisation, for cancellation of a specific appointment.

d.        “the Service Provider” means the person who is offering the service.

II.        Booking Procedure

a.        Booking procedures are available online at website.

III.        Fees and Payment

a.       The Service Provider or Organisation may set up a treatment fees, a missed appointment charge or a late-cancellation of appointment charge (or all of the aforementioned). If such a fees or charge is set by the Service Provider or Organisation, the Appointmentor website will ask for payment details to be provided by the customer before the appointment booking process can be initiated. Such details may be stored in a secure database. if the customer fails to attend the appointment or does a late cancellation (i.e. cancel appointment with less than time duration set by the Service Provider or Organisation beyond which they can not reasonable find a suitable alternative to take the appointment slot), or, if there is an advance fees set against the treatment being booked, the Appointmentor website will provide the details of the customer's credit card to the Service Provider or Organisation upon their request. The Appointmentor website does not automatically charge the customer's Credit or Debit card unless a payment is requested by the Service Provider. The customer will be informed about the payment before booking the appointment.

The Appointmentor website may add a feature for Online Bookings made using a Credit Card or Debit Card and may process payment details for credit card transactions for booking of the available appointment slots. In case of advance payment against the treatment where full fees is requested by the Service Provider or Organisation, the appointment is booked upon acceptance of Credit/Debit card and advance payment charged for the specific treatment.

 b.       The  Appointmentor website will only show the appointment slots made available by the Service Provider. The Appointmentor website holds no responsibility for any changes made by the Service Provider in appointment slots.

 c.        The  Appointmentor website holds no responsibility for any alteration in fees/prices or cancellation done by  the Service Provider or Organisation from those published at any time.

d.        We send a booking confirmation email when an appointment is successfully booked, cancelled or re-arranged. does not assume any responsibility nor any liability for delay, non-delivery or any other error caused due to technological and network malfunction or human error. This service is offered in good faith and is not a replacement or abdication of your own responsibility of remembering your appointments. When in doubt, call the Organisation and reconfirm., Welltime Ltd., its affiliates, partners, parent company or subsidies, its officers, employees and anyone working with the company or website shall not be liable nor held responsible under any circumstances.

IV.        Your right to cancel & cancellation charges

a.        The  Appointmentor website reserves the right to cancel an appointment without notice. In such circumstances, Appointmentor will not use/pass on any payment details (In case a payment has already been deducted by the Service Provider, as explained above, a refund should be issued by the Service Provider).

b.        Should you find you are unable to attend an appointment, cancellation charges may apply in accordance with the Organisation policy and as set by the Service Providers  or Organisation without any concern from Appointmentor website or Welltime Ltd. These charges are levied by the Service Providers directly and if you have any issue with regards to them, the issues should be raised directly with the Organisation/Service Providers.

C. Account Termination: In case an appointmentor customer terminates the service account, the customer account details are removed after 30 days (but within 60 days from receiving the termination request in writing) from our systems. During the 30 days the account can be re-instated without any charge (however, such re-instatement facility is available once in a 24 months period). After 30 days, the account is flaged for termination and deletion. End users (such as patients) can no longer book or manage their appointments online. Once an account is removed, a fresh order would be required to start the services again.


V.        Privacy Policy, Data Protection & Communications

a.        The website and Welltime Ltd. do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. Your details will be added to an database in order to process your booking, to assist with our appointment booking and associated planning and so that you can be kept up to date with the relevant details of our services.

b.        We ask for your telephone number so that the Service Provider may wish to contact you for any changes in your booking. We ask for your address for the purpose of Debit/Credit card verification.

c.        We will always send a confirmation email from the domain "" , from the email address: If in doubt, you should add this domain to your white-list, or list of known or trusted domains. It is worth checking your junk mail or bulk-mail folders if you have not received any confirmation from us.

d.            If you do not wish to receive any further information from us, please contact us at:

VI.        Terms and Conditions for non UK bookings

a.        Please be aware that terms and conditions for customers booking from outside the UK or outside the EC may vary from these terms and conditions. Please email us on the above email address for specific information relating to your world-wide location.

 I.        Independent Equal Access

a. is a portal to provide a bridge between the service providers and customers of the services. If you have any additional requirements due to a disability or any other reason, you should contact your Service Provider organization directly to discuss your specific accessibility and appointment requirements.

Copyright and intellectual property

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