Our Products

We provide the products carefully designed and tailored to make a significant difference to your business. Our innovations impact on the way people live and work. We listen to our customers and go the extra mile to incorporate customer feedback.

Online Booking System

Appointmentor Online Booking System work as a virtual receptionist to capture business when the it is closed, or when phone lines are being busy or over the weekend. Make life easier for customers, fitting with their lifestyle, making your services available and accessible and easy to book any time from anywhere, therefore increasing customer loyalty and customer retention, increasing revenues and growing your business.

Organisations maintain full control over appointments book and customers only see a list of the available slots rather the whole appointment books.

Online booking system also helps to get the new patient registration from your website and details go straight into the system. You can also charge for missed and cancelled appointments along with the facility to charge upfront for any treatment.

Patient Connections

PatientConnections is a web based CRM system, which allows the organisation to conduct electronic surveys after the appointment, send educational articles to customers along with organisation promotions.
Web Based CRM System that improves organisation profitability through acquiring New customers and Retaining the existing ones.

e-Referral System

Easy dental Referral is a collaborative web application system that allows dentists to process patient referrals over the web electronically in a secured way. The system provides the designated dental organisation the capability to initiate a patient referral or Accept / Reject a referral request based on each patient’s case. It is an intuitive, secure and fast system, running from the web with no software download required.

organisations can create accounts for the referring doctors, send them their username and password, and they are immediately up and ready to go. Referrals requests are instantly received along with email notifications.

Easy dental referral system provides the facility to upload/share notes, X-Rays and images in a secure document repository.

The patient history and information becomes instantaneously available as soon as the referring doctor uploads it. This system therefore helps the dentists to avoid the awkward situation where the referred patient has arrived, but documents are still somewhere in the post, hence friction in relationship and potential loss of revenue. It takes the pain and hassle out of document management and lets the specialist focus on the treatments and provision of services.

Self Check-in System

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Self Check in Kiosk (automated system for customers check-in). Along side with self checking in, customers can also manage their future appointments through INFOPORT. customers can sign up with the surgery using inforport. It also has the feature to capture patient signatures using digital pen attached to it.

Smart Phone Apps

We design affordable, fast, and custom built iPhone apps for dental and cosmetic organisations. With an app of your own, you can strengthen relationships with your customers, increase your reach, offer promotions directly to your clients and much more.

Caller Popup

Caller pop up is a software based solution which opens new pop-up window with every incoming call. With a click the pop-up window displays patient information such as the Patient name, gender, patient's registered dentist and other necessary details. With the Caller pop-up facility the receptionists know who is calling and can greet the customers in a personalized manner (rather than asking for their name, date of birth and doing patient searches). They can work more efficiently and respond to the patient’s query quickly, such as booking an appointment or updating the patient’s details, within a few clicks. All the information is automatically logged into back end dental managment system (R4).

Rapport Patient Relationship Manager

Rapport Patient Relationship Manager allows your practice to:

  • View the caller's name and number for the incoming calls, enabling receptionist to greet patients personally.
  • With one click on the pop up, open a window displaying all the important information about patients in one place, whilst enabling new appointments to be booked and existing appointments to be managed **, ideal for receptionists who have to multitask; answering phones while attending to patients at the reception area.