Frequently Asked Questions By Dentists & Practices

Frequently Asked Questions
Q- How does the Online Booking System work?
Appointmentor Online Booking system opens a new channel for appointment booking via your website, where existing and new patients can book 24/7. Of course you get to choose which treatments and which dentists your patients can book along with which time slots should be made available for them.
Q- Will I lose the control of my Appointment books?
No, the practice is in full control of their appointment books. Appointmentor Online Booking System has advance features which determine every parameter of appointment booking just like the receptionist on the desk.
Q- Will patients be able to book appointments with any dentist or only with their own dentist?
Practice controls the ability for patients to book appointments with any dentist or with a particular dentist.
Q- We have a number of Patient Schemes in our practice, but we want to use online booking system for only few?
Appointmentor Online Booking System gives practice the option to choose any patient scheme for online booking; it can be either NHS, private or any insurance scheme.
Q- Can we have a control on which treatments a patient can book online?
Yes, practice can upload certain treatments for patients to be able to book online, treatment time length can also be modified in accordance to each clinician.
Q- We have a problem of patients missing or cancelling their appointments, any solutions?
Appointmentor Online Booking System provides the option to charge for missed or cancelled appointments. Patients are displayed a message that if they miss or cancel the appointment in less than the defined time, they will be liable for the amount set by the practice. Practice can also charge upfront for treatments, while patients pay using their Credit or Debit cards.
Q- Can we limit the number of appointments a patient can have?
Yes a practice can decide as to how many appointments a patient can have at any time.
Q- Can I do the settings of Online System from my home or my smart mobile device?
Yes Appointmentor Online Booking System comes with an online interface. You can manage its setting from any where in the world with the internet connectivity and it even works from the smart phone devices.
Q- Does the Online Booking System allow the new sign ups?
Appointmentor Online Booking System has the ability to take new patient sign up details from the practice website straight into the back end management system. This speeds up the sign up process and reduces the chances of error. Patients can also update their contact details at a later date which is automatically updated in the practice management system.
Q- How will my patients know about the new Online Booking System?
Appointmentor Online Booking System automatically generates and send emails to all the patients about the new feature to book appointments online with the steps to follow. Practice can also display notices in the reception and waiting rooms, and dentists / receptionists simply inform the patients upon their next visit.
Q- Is there a chance of double booking?
No, Appointmentor Online Booking System does not allow any double booking.
Q- How secure is the whole process?
Appointmentor Online Booking System uses the industry standard leading edge security; with a very strong (128 bit SSL) encryption layer.
Q- Will the Online Booking System works from my own website?
Yes, Appointmentor Online Booking System can work from your own website and from our central portal for which you get a complimentary listing.
Q- Would I be able to monitor the system and get reports of the appointments booked?
Appointmentor Online Booking System will automatically generate the reports for the booked, cancelled and re-arranged appointments and you can get comprehensive reporting on demand.
Q- Is there any pre-requisites for the Online Booking System?
You would only require Internet connectivity in your practice. Appointmentor Online Booking System runs from your existing hardware and works smoothly behind the scenes, allowing your patients to manage their appointments even when the practice is closed or over the weekends.
Q- Can I charge for my appointments?
Yes you can charge for appointments in 2 ways. Upfront Paymets: While patients are booking their appointments, they can pay using their Credit or Debit card. Money gets transfered into your account and appointment gets inserted in your back end system. You will receive a confirmation notifcation with the booking. Missed or Cancelled charge: You can put a charge for an appointment if a patient misses or cancels their appointment. In the event of missing/cancelling you will receive a notification email from the system to charge patients card. Our payment options help practices to sell their treatments online along with preventing them against FTAs.


Clients Testimonials
South Ealing Dental
We have gained over 100 new patients in the last 5 months using Appointmentor. A large percentage of our existing patients are now also using Appointmentor to book their appointments online. Many have said that its really easy to use and it suits their lifestyle. The system does not require any daily management and our reception staff have already noticed a reduction in the amount of telephone calls.

We would highly recommend Apointmentor to other practices who are looking at increasing their revenue.

Suzie Lovick
Practice Manageress South Ealing Dental

castelnau Dentist
We have started using Appointmentor Online Booking from March 2013, since launch Appointmentor system has got us over 180 new patients. Appointmentor has been the best product we have opted for in 2013 and we would highly recommend Appointmentor to any dental practice looking for profitability and growth.

Alex Jabour
Principal Castelnau Dentists

Station House Dental
We have been very pleased with the Appointmentor online booking/registration. We were sceptical of this concept, but the degree of control has made it easy to deal with our concerns. Patients have been very happy with the facility.

We have so far acquired 50 new patients since starting in February this year and 227 existing patients have already booked their appointments using the system. We are looking forward to the imminent linked appointments functionality for Dentist and Hygienist.

Dr John Bates
Station House Dental Practice Ltd

Smilepod Clinic
We receive 120 booking on average per month purely through Appointmentor Online Booking System. 60% of online bookings are from new patients. In last quarter we have received just over 250 new patients sign ups through the online booking system. It saves our receptionists valuable time when patients are able to take the whole process from research to booking without making a call.

Appointmentor has facility where we can charge upfront for the treatments online. We receive around £6,000 a month in upfront payments through the system. Because patients have pre- paid they turn up and our DNA rate is almost zero.

Appointmentor is easy to configure and we can choose which treatments and dentists are made visible to the online booking system and which treatments we only allow our patients after an examination. Finally Whenever we have had a support issue ( and we have made a lot of requests for changes to the Appointmentor team) we find they listen and provide solutions rapidly with a smile. We would not hesitate to recommend the system.

Dr Harvey Grahame BDS
Clinical Director Smilepod Ltd

Lewisham Dental

Appointmentor online booking has helped to ease the pressure on our phone lines, we have also had a lot of good feedback comments from our patients who found the online booking very useful with hundreds of appointments been booked through the system already. We have managed to acquire over 400 new patients through the Appointmentor Online Booking, who have registered themselves from our website and their details have seamlessly gone into R4- which is great! The monthly recall feature is also very helpful, shows the reports on how many patients have actually booked following an electronic recall being sent. Finally the installation process was very smooth, after care support is great and very prompt at resolving any queries / issues that have arisen.

Sarah Burton
Practice Manageress Lewisham Dental

Moonlight Dental

Online booking has helped our practice no end, it has enhanced our appearance as well as increased accessed for patients to book or amend their appointments anytime of the day. Online booking system requires minimal input each day, it has drastically helped save time for the receptionists so the input time has no significance. The cost saving is obvious from a reception point of view, we save money from the cost of recalls as well as the receptionists working time. The after sale service is very reliable, if we have any queries we are always responded to straight away and they are always very patient and helpful.

Gemma Vann
Practice Manageress Moonlight Dental

Altmore Dental

The ease and flexibility for patients to use, and choose their own appointments at a convenient time to book i.e. at home on the train etc and whilst we are closed is great with Online Booking System. It helps for when we are closed so patients can book online, at a convenient time for them. Ahmed and his team are so flexible and great to work with, any suggestions we have they try to integrate it and make the system as we want it. System has no rigidness and its moulded to our specs and they always welcomes ideas and suggestions we may have. No hesitation always get back to you straight away when it comes to any issues (which is hardly ever).

Practice Manageress Altmore Dental

MP Dental

Providing online booking was part of our practice vision to provide 24-hour booking facility for our patients. Online bookings now account for 15 to 20% of our recall patients which reduces the resource requirement at the reception desk. The feedback from the patients is generally positive. Welltime efficiently implemented the software and provide excellent on going support to our practice and to patients using the system.

Dr Ash Patel
Principal Dentist MP Dental

Ealing Dental

I do think that my online booking service is an absolute bonus , it is equivalent to having my phones manned 24 hrs a day .For the price and the cutting edge experience for the patients it is a no brainer .The whole experience with Welltime has been seamless and has taken up hardly any of mine or my staff's time. The system runs quietly in the background and once installed needs no further input from us.

Dr Laurance Gilford
Principal Dentist Ealing Dental

543 Dental

543 Dental Centre LTD installed the welltime software early in 2009, since then we have found the system to be stable, secure and reliable. The software is easy to use and understand for the patients and has allowed them greater control with booking appointment times to suit, as a result this has freed up our workforce's time to be able to deal with telephone and in-person enquiries much faster, which has in turn streamlined our business. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this software to any prospective client.

Chris Groombridge
Managing Director 543 Dental Centre

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